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July 2006

During the month added a few more corals, picked up the beautiful red milliphora, these happen to be a frag of a fellow reefer's wich broke off in transit.

Acropora Millepora

Also added a nice lime green montipora digitata, had a number of frags of this which I have milliputted around the tank.

Also a sky blue acropora.

The initial tester acro, I put in the system a month ago is doing well sending out growth tips with good polyp extensions.

Growth rate in this montipoara digitata is amazing. The first picture was taken on he 10th June, the second on 24th July. (I have moved to it to a new position)

Also added some Suncorals

and a green Pavona


managed to pick up this large monitpora and acropora colony from a fellow reefer who was closing down.

Also added a Seriatopora caliendrum

Seriatopora caliendrum

Within a couple of weeks of adding the montipora I had part of bleached, luckly it was limited to a small part of the colony.

The pocillopora is growing nicely.

Also had problems with these zoo eating nudibranches, a fresh water dip togther with picking off the eggs (white horseshoes on the end of the polyps) with tweezers did the trick.