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June 2006

WC 29/05/06

Once my chemicals arrived, I started to increase my magnesium (Mg) levels. Using the Andy Hipkiss calculator which can be found here. I added a balanced mix of Magnesium Chloride (MgCL2) and Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO4). I am looking to increase the magnesium levels up to 1400 over the next week. I am only adding enough salts to increase the level by 50ppm per day.

As my hitchhiker corals seem to be doing well (Star polyps, Porites and Pavona) and I am not really detecting Ammonium and Nitrites. I have decided to start stocking with a few hardy LPS and a couple of small fish. The stocking is as follows.

Star Polyps & Pavona

Pachyclavularia violacea

Euphyllia Glabrescens (Torch Coral)

Euphylia Glabrescens

Plerogyra sinuosa. (Bubble coral)

Plerogyra sinuosa

Turbinaria Peltata (Turban coral)

Turbinaria Peltata

Caulastrea sp. (Candy Cane Coral)

Caulastrea furcata

I also added a couple Percula Clowns.

All the corals were expanded within hours of being placed into the tank.

The clowns however are staying in the top corners. One seems to be doing Ok and is feeding on the Cyclopeze which I am putting into the tank for the corals. The other is not feeding and is rapidly breathing. However after a couple of days there seems to be slight improvement. This one still hasn't fed.

I fed the Bubble coral with a small piece of raw prawn pushed gently into the bubbles. Within an hour it had taken the food into it's stomach. I tried placing some small pieces of prawn into the polyps of the Torch coral, it reacted to the food being there but didn't take it down. I have also started feeding small pieces of Cyclopeze into the tank. I tried to localize the food over the Turbinaria. The polyps reacted but I am unsure whether they are actually capturing the food.

The covering of brown diatoms which I had at the end of last week and over the weekend seems to have subsided. Although there are still some remnants on glass/rocks. I am now getting little tuffs of green algae appearing, although not in great quantities. I am not cleaning the back glass, as this is to allow the algae to reduce the nitrates and give food for the Turbos. My intention will be to add more cleanup crew next week.

There are now quite a large number of macro algae are appearing on the rocks.

Sadly I lost one of the clowns at the end of the week. On friday I saw him in one of corners and thought there was a significant improvement. That was last I saw of him.

On sunday, since the initial corals had expanded straight away and showing no signs of stress. I decided to add a few more corals over the weekend, a couple of zoo colonies and some mushrooms.



Mushroom Coral

I also decided to replace the lost clown fish. As I was introducing the new fish the other perked up and swam straight up to the bag. Since then they have barely left each other alone. Both are feeding and actively going around the tank although they tend to spend their time in the top half of the tank.

Percula Clowns

As I was introducing my latest purchases a fellow local reefer rang and asked if he could pop round with a present. Thanks Anthony! Here it is a frag of one of his corals Stylophora Pistillata.

Stylophora Pistillata

WC 5/06/2006

A few pictures of the tank as it stands.

WC 12/06/2006

Macro Algae starting to appear.

Starting to notice micro life

The brown slime of sponges seem to have transformed into these beautiful orange/pink sponges.

Added a beautiful branching hammer head Euphyllia Parancora

euphyllia parancora

Also added a nice scrolling Turbinaria Reniformis

Turbinaria Reniformis

and a few monitpora frags from Fishman Frags whos website can be found here

Montipora Digitata

Having hair alage growth as you can see in this picture

WC 19/6/06

A few pictures of the tank as it stands

Euphyllia Ancora