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April 2006

WC 3/4/06 - Picked up stand from fellow Reefer on Thursday night. Dismantled old stand, and setup new metal stand. Put vinyl on the back of the tank. Leveled tank (about 10 minutes work) with adjustable feet. Disappointed to find that I still had 1-1.5mm gap in the centre between the tank bottom and the foam. After a lot of measuring, with bits of string, laser level etc. I couldn't really tell why there should be a gap. However I suspected that the tank bottom wasn't quite straight. As I couldn't detect any bowing in the frame. Decided to try 3/4 filling (up to holes) the tank Monday night.

WC 10/4/06 - Filled the tank, no sign of cracking. Although the gap seemed to close a bit. However there sill seems to be a .75-1mm gap in the centre. I am really starting to think that there is a problem with the tank. Prior to putting the tank on the stand, I covered the back in blue sign writers vinyl. This was fairly easy to apply if you soaked the glass and vinyl; with water. You then spend the next 30 minutes squeezing from the centre to get the water out.


WC 17/4/06 -



WC 24/4/06 -

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